OCEAN DRIVE – reloaded

Ce te cheama mai puternic?

 Misterul intunecat al adincurilor sau albastrul cerului de deasupra. Oricum ar fi, profunzimea e cea care te atrage ca un magnet… deci lasa-te iarasi dusa… down to the Ocean Drive…


O noua versiune la modelul OCEAN DRIVE.


4 thoughts on “OCEAN DRIVE – reloaded

  1. Beautiful. And a great song for you:

    Say its true, black and blue, I can share your situation
    Been holding our emotions back, will only make us cry
    If you go, I know, but you know, it aint so serious anyway
    When the clouds arise well live on..

    Ocean drive
    Dont know why youre so blue
    Suns gonna shine on everything you do.

    Lighthouse Family – Ocean Drive

  2. buna! sunt superbev toate creatiile tale. ai un mare simt artistic.
    am si eu o intrebare: cum se pot cumpara margelutele?

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